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Do you need a pre-approval?

  • your principal residence

  • your first home – First Time Homebuyer

  • an investment or rental property

  • a cottage or vacation home

  • a 2nd home for your child (student) or a parent


There are many options available to consider when you are refinancing your mortgage.  Dependent on the purpose, we can structure the right mortgage for your particular situation

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Home Renovation

  • Investing In A New Property.

  •  Switching from a higher rate to a current lower rate.


Is your Ontario mortgage coming up for renewal within 120 days?

Lenders used to send out renewal notices for their clients months in advance – that was the past as banks and other lenders realized the cost of this was clearly not in their best interest.  Now, you are lucky to get a notice with rates and options 3 weeks in advance.  This is clearly not in the best interest of the client especially if rates are going up as the time approaches for your renewal.

What do Our Clients Say?

I highly recommend using Maryuri for any mortgage needs. She helped me get my first mortgage. I went in knowing nothing about the process and Maryuri walked me through all of my options in detail. She took the time to reassure me whenever I had concerns or doubts. She was very responsive when I needed her help or had any questions. I genuinely felt like she wanted the best for her clients. She was always transparent, honest, and knowledgeable. I am beyond grateful for her support and I hope to work with her again soon!

Daily F

Maryuri is a great Mortgage Agent. I met her in my referral group and have partnered up with her to make informative and great videos on Real Estate and Mortgages. She has a vast knowledge of the services and products and is very helpful. I would recommend you to contact her for all your financial needs!

Nisha R

“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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Mayuri Herrera, I am a Mortgage Agent at Bespoke Mortgage Group. My mission is to help business owners realize their dream of homeownership, building wealth, and financial stability.

I pride myself on providing ethical and honest advice with an extremely high level of customer service to all my clients. Whether you are purchasing, looking to renovate a home, transferring a mortgage or refinance an existing mortgage, my role is to find the most suitable mortgage products for a particular circumstance. As a Mortgage Agent at Valko Financial, I can offer my clients the most innovative home financing product available in the marketplace today.

My previous experience has included working with many financial institutions for over 9 years involving financial planning, estate planning, life insurance consulting.

I am different from your normal broker because I look to understand a client’s full financial picture. I feel it is important to have a full understanding before providing any advice to provide the best plan for today, 5 years from now and long term.